Internal Gear Pumps

Positive displacement internal gear pumps are specifically designed to handle high viscosity liquids. They have casings that can be positioned to meet common piping configurations and only two mobile parts, making maintenance easier. For pumping, the Internal gear pump makes use of the well-proven Internal gearing principle. As the gears separate from the mesh, a partial vacuum is created, forcing fluid into the pump casing and filling voids between teeth. Both gears, which rotate in the same direction, gently transfer the fluid to the delivery port.

Key Advantages:
• Displacement that is constant
• Operating noise is minimal.
• Pulsation of low flow
• Due to sealing gap compensation, efficiency is high even at low speed and viscosity.
• Suitable for a wide range of viscosity and speed

They are also used for loading rail cars, tank lorries, and barrel filling and unloading, as well as the transfer, circulation, and process pumping of a wide range of products ranging from diesel oil to extremely viscous substances. If you are looking for internal gear pumps in UAE, reach out to us.

Ebsray® internal gear pumps are general purpose application pumps that incorporate only two moving parts. Ebsray offers a complete range of highly-efficient internal gear pumps ranging from the light-duty Z Series to the heavy-duty HD Series. These positive displacement pumps offer excellent self-priming capabilities, quiet operation, smooth continuous flow, low shear, reversible flow, minimal maintenance and simplicity.

Fields of Application
1. Paint & Coating
2. Asphalt
3. Liquid Terminal
4. General Industrial
5. Mining
6. Food & Beverage

Important Benefits
1. Safest & High Quality Industrial Gear Pump
2. Ideal for Hard-to-seai fluid applications
3. Light, Medium & Heavy duty internal gear pumps