Service Support

Services & Support

With our experienced team of engineers, we offer peace of mind to ensure that your pumping systems operate efficiently whilst being environmentally friendly, avoiding unexpected and costly breakdowns.

For efficient and cost-effective pump maintenance you can rely on us. With our skilled in-house team and on-site engineers we are able to offer a comprehensive after sales service, with service agreements for your pumps, pumping stations, controls, panels and valves. t

Our responsibility is to support our customers with duty of care to ensure hygienic operation and minimal environmental damage, which if breached can result in serious legal consequences and reputation loss. Unexpected failures of pumping stations can be minimised with our Service’s comprehensive support.

What can we offer?
Service contracts for periodic maintenance
Monitoring of pumping stations
Emergency repairs and support
Trained & skilled mobile service teams
Extensive workshop with full test facilities
Vast stockholding of spares and products
What are the benefits?
Reduced running costs including energy and maintenance
Greater life expectancy for pumping equipment
Reduced risk of breakdown with its resultant problems and inconvenience
Better plant utilisation and return on capital
Improved environmental conditions