We offer product design, engineering, and assembly of pump / compressor packages and packaged systems.

Oil & Gas

Providing pumps and compressors that are used in critical services throughout the energy markets from applications in the exploration, production, processing and vapor recovery of oil and gas, to the production of biofuels, to the distribution of fuels through the supply chain.. Energy products that are safely handled by our products Momentum provide equipment include LPG/propane, natural gas/methane, butane, gasoline, jet fuels, kerosene, diesel/biodiesel, ethanol, lube oils and fuel oils.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is in great demand for pumps that provide efficient performance while protecting employees and the surrounding environment. Finding these pump solutions is a constant concern for manufacturers who handle aggressive acids and other hazardous compounds that are not only toxic, but often highly flammable, explosive and expensive.  

Hygienic Pumping Solutions

Momentum has been providing pumps for hygienic applications in the food and biopharma industries. Our brands that serve these industries meet the strict requirements for hygienic transfer thanks to certifications like 3A, FDA and EHEDG. Engineered to safely and securely transfer high-value and high-purity fluids, PSG hygienic pumps provide standard features that include low shear, CIP/SIP and seal-less designs.

Reliable Transport Solutions for Liquid and Dry Bulk

Momentum provides pumps and compressors that are widely used in the transport industry to load, transport, unload and meter products like dry bulk, chemicals, bitumen, energy products, food and LPG. Our Brands technologies help in all stages of the transport process from rail and transport vehicles to the plant to delivery to bulk storage facilities or the end user.We represent PSG as a proven leader with the technologies you need to support all stages of the transport process.