About Momentum

UAE's Leading Industrial Pump Suppliers

We offer product design, engineering, and assembly of pump / compressor packages and packaged systems.

At Momentum, we offer reliable and effective pumping systems for the Oil & Gas field, Chemical, General Industry, Food Processing & Pharmaceutical industries across UAE & Oman. As a leading pump supplier in UAE, we extend our operation across Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi to meet urgent customer demand. With years of engineering experience, we provide industrial pumps reliable for extreme conditions. We are dedicated to providing unique & customized engineered fluid handling solutions to our clients. Whether you require a complete pumping solution or a simple repair or maintenance, our skilled engineers are there to attend to your needs. With the continuing demand to save energy while still giving good pump performance, we provide a range of high efficiency and variable speed drive pumps to optimize performance and save energy.

Our Brand Products

We are the authorized pump suppliers for Blackmer, Mouvex, Ebsray, EnviroGear, Abaque, and All Flo in Dubai and Oman. We are capable of repairing and refurbishing all types of rotating equipment and centrifugal pumps, regardless of manufacturer.
Why should you choose us? All of our products are designed to improve equipment performance and material upgrades in response to changing process requirements.

  • Reduced downtime
  • Our engineers have extensive industry and process knowledge.
  • Innovative personalized solutions
  • Increased competitiveness

In response to today's challenges, we provide customized solutions that maintain your rotating equipment, pumping processes, and operations. Contact us if you are looking for pump companies in UAE.