NGH100 Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors

The Blackmer NGH100 Series Reciprocating Gas Compressor is a 100 BHP rated horizontal compressor unit that has been developed for use in vapor-recovery, wellhead-transfer and artificial-lift applications in the upstream oil and gas market and is compatible with sour gas up with up to 8% dry hydrogen sulfide (H₂S). The NGH100 comes in the two-cylinder, single-stage model the NGH1013 which has a flow rate up to 345.8 CFM (588 m³/hr) at 1,800 rpm, and the NGH1023 which is a two-stage, one-cylinder model with flow rate of 172.9 CFM (294 m³/hr) at 1,800 rpm. All castings for the NGH100 Series are constructed of ductile iron with a balanced forged-steel crankshaft. Piston rings and rider bands are PTFE/PEEK and needle bearings are steel with no yellow metals used. Multi-packing seals are standard. Even in the most severe service conditions, the NG Series Gas Compressors offer the best-combined characteristics of sustained high-level performance, energy efficiency, trouble-free operation and low maintenance cost.

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