LB940 Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Equipped with two double-acting cylinders, the LB940 Series compressors, featuring the LB942 and LB943 models, provide high volume fluid transfer and gas compression of propane, butane, and anhydrous ammonia for large applications ranging from barges, ships and railcars. They offer high flow rates of 125.2 CFM at 825 rpm. Compared to competitors and other LB Series compressors, the LB940 Series are equipped with thicker and more robust wear parts – piston rings, wrist pins, needle bearings, and high-efficiency valves that will keep the LB940 Series compressors operating longer than the competition between maintenance cycles. Equipped with an array of features such as a ductile iron head and cylinders, steel pistons and self-adjusting piston rod seals, LB compressors provide maximum performance, energy efficiency, quiet operation, low maintenance cost and reliability under the most severe service conditions.

Features and Benefits
  • High efficiency valves move more gas volume
  • O-ring seals for head and cylinder to ensure positive sealing
  • Ductile iron construction for greater resistance to both thermal and mechanical shock
  • Wear-resistant crosshead assemblies
  • Heavy-duty crankshafts
  • Pressure assisted piston rings for positive seating
  • Self-adjusting piston rod seals
  • Double and triple piston rod seals with distance piece chambers available
  • Liquid transfer
  • Vapor recovery
  • Liquefied gas compression

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