CC20 Series

Mouvex® CC20 Series Tank Truck Eccentric Disc Pumps is a polyvalent heavy duty pump able to cover a wide range of applications. Depending on the construction, it can handle fuels, solvents, and waste products such oil, glycol and water. Developed as a vehicle-mounted solution for loading and unloading trucks and transports, the CC20 Series pump’s unique design also enables it to be used as a ground-based pumping unit. This durable design, with self-compensating discs, provides leak-free operation, high suction capability and consistent flow rates over time resulting in low life-cycle costs.


Collection and transfer of used oil/waste oil and used anti-freeze

Performance and Specifications

  • Self-priming
  • Constant and smooth delivery
  • Reversible
  • Low maintenance
  • Line-stripping capabilities
  • Leak-free to protect environment
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Flow rates up to 30m3/h ( 132 gpm)
  • Hydraulic-driven motor
  • Electric-driven motor
  • Diesel-driven engine

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