AM NOYEE Package

Mouvex® AM NOYEE Package Eccentric Disc Pumps are the ideal solution for unloading asphalt, asphalt emulsion, bitumen and bitumen emulsion. These pumps are compact, with all the components mounted on tank bulkhead, and feature exceptional suction capacity that enables emptying of the piping systems. They also offer constant flow rates regardless of viscosity and pressure.


Unloading asphalt, asphalt emulsion, bitumen and bitumen emulsion

Performance and Specifications

  • No reheating system needed, the pump is submerged into the product
  • Multi-purpose, attached valves enables the system to carry out all necessary operations
  • Easy-to-operate valves, sturdy key supplied, lubrication port to prevent the servo valves from sticking
  • Easy-to-clean system, built-in flushing system
  • Low RPM speed
  • No maintenance required
  • Flow rates up to 40m3/h ( 176 gpm)
  • Hydraulic-driven motor
  • Diesel-driven motor
  • Electric-driven engine

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