System One Power End Conversions

The System One® power ends allow operators to upgrade their existing pump with the functional abilities and benefits of the System One Heavy Duty Design. These conversions increase resistance to deflection and vibration, and direct replacements are available for popular models, with universal configurations to fit most other pumps. With a solid shaft (no sleeve) and shorter overhang, System One pumps offer the lowest LD ratio in the industry and are especially suited for maximizing seal/bearing life and operation off the BEP.

These power ends feature C-frame motor adapter capabilities that provides precise alignment for quick and repeatable motor mounting and eliminates vibration. And, skill level, temperature concerns, and time constraints are all eliminated with the simplified motor mounting.

Features and Benefits
  • Designed for direct fit up to Goulds and Durco ANSI pumps
  • Provides superior LD ratio for maximum reliability
  • Rabbet for C-Frame (NEMA) or D-Flange (IEC) motor adapter for rapid and precise motor alignment
  • Labyrinth Seals provide non-wearing lifetime protection for radial and thrust bearings
  • Large oil inlet for easy filling of oil; the sealed cover minimizes dirt and moisture entry
  • Optional System One taper bore back cover accepts most standard mechanical seals (OEM cover, if used, requires modification due to thicker shaft.)
  • Optional Bearing Oil temperature monitors available to provide early warning to prevent bearing failures
  • Positive locking thrust bearing retainer cover for maximum bearing holding power and minimum axial movement

Performance and Specifications

Five Year Power End Performance Assurance

Should any System One power end component fail within 5 years of the original installation, including bearings or shafts that have fractured, a free replacement component will be provided. This offer is limited to a claim for one of each component per power end.*

One Year Mechanical Seal Performance Assurance

Should any factory supplied and installed mechanical seal fail within one year after the sale of the pump and seal, a spare parts kit (with materials the same as the original seal) will be provided at no charge. Limit of one seal claim per application.*

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