V6000 Sliding Vane Pump

The Ebsray® Model V6000 Rotary Sliding Vane Pump is designed and precision built for efficient handling of LPG, Propane, Butane, DME, Anhydrous Ammonia and more. V6000 pumps are foot-mounted and available with 6-in ports.

Features and Benefits
  • Meets API 676 requirements
  • Quiet operation, low NPSHR
  • High overall efficiency
  • Low maintenance - long life
  • Internal wearing parts replaceable without removing pump from system
  • Vanes positively actuated, self compensating for wear
  • Self-priming, excellent vapor handling
  • Integral/alternative top porting for bypass/relief valve
  • Drive options available to suit many applications
  • Shaft sealing - balanced, fully retained, multi-spring standard shaft sealing ensures simple maintenance; optional tandem or double arrangements available to suit your application
  • Fuel oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Lube oils
  • Solvents
  • Distillate/diesel
  • Chemicals
  • Petrol 
  • Vegetable oils
  • Kerosene
  • Aviation fuels 
  • LPG
  • Oil additives

Performance and Specifications

  • Max. Flows-3,750 L/min (991 gpm)
  • Max. Differential Pressure-11 bar (160 psi)
  • Viscosity Range - 0.1 to 20,000 cSt
  • Temperature - 0°C to 150°C (32°F to 302°F)







Bearing Housing


Ductile Iron or Cast Steel

Ductile Iron


Cast Iron

Stainless Steel

Ductile Iron or Cast Iron

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