S Series Triple Screw Pumps

Blackmer® S Series Triple Screw Pump is a type of positive displacement rotatory pump for handling clear, lubricating liquid without solid content. The internal structure of the triple screw pump includes a male drive spindle, two female secondary spindles and the case that holds the three screws. The sealed chamber moving at a uniform speed is formed between the case and the three rotating screws along the axial direction. During the male drive screw rotation, liquid moves in the sealed chamber along the axial direction continuously and smoothly from suction to discharge.

The durable triple screw pump line is perfectly suited for applications in the chemical process, general industrial, energy, transport and commercial marine markets. Featuring low noise and little maintenance, these reliable pumps are self-priming and environmentally friendly. They provide flow rates ranging from 2 to 2,600 L/min (0.5 to 685 gpm) at differential pressures up to 100 bar (1,450 psi). S Series pumps can handle viscosities from 3 to 5,000 mm2/s (cSt) and temperatures up to 150°C (302°F).

Features and Benefits

A single suction three screw pump designed for medium-low pressure applications, the 3N series pumps are low-pressure balanced self-priming three screw pumps that are mainly applied to deliver various lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and fuel oils as well as diesel oils with low viscosity at low pressure.

  • Low pressure fluctuation, stable flow
  • Strong self-priming capability, reverse rotation, high efficiency
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Compact construction and size for ease of install and maintenance
  • Technical data:
    • Flow rate: 10 - 2,600 L/min (2.6 - 685 gpm)
    • Pressure: 1 - 40 bar (14.5 - 580 psi)
    • Temperature: ≤ 120°C (250°F)
    • Viscosity: 3 - 5,000 mm2/s (up to 100,000 mm2/s at an ideal speed)
    • Pump casing: cast iron/ductile iron/cast steel/cast stainless steel
    • Shaft: alloy steel/ stainless steel
    • Screws: ductile iron/alloy steel/stainless steel
    • Stuffing box: grey cast iron
    • Casings constructions to select:
      • Side inlet, Side outlet
  • Lube oil delivery
  • Hydraulic units
  • Machining
  • Marine
  • Petrochemical
  • Iron & steel
  • Power

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