Hose/Peristaltic Pumps

Principle of Operation

The pumping action of the peristaltic (hose) pump is achieved by compression of a circular loop of elastomeric hose with two diametrically opposed rotating shoes. With this rotational motion, fluid is pushed ahead inside a hose that is compressed and relaxed by shoes mounted on a rotor. When each shoe reaches the end of the loop, the reinforced tube immediately returns to its original shape, thereby ensuring suction and priming, creating a strong vacuum pulling more fluid inside. Resulting in:

  • High Performance: seal-less design eliminates leaks and product contamination while providing the ability to run dry continuously without adversely affecting the pump’s performance, pressure and accuracy (no slip).
  • Reliability: the Abaque Series pump has none of the usual parts that create problems on other pumps: seats, valves and mechanical seals. The hose is the only replacement part.
  • Rugged: handling of the toughest pumping challenges, including extremely abrasive and aggressive fluids, solid-loaded liquids, as well as shear-sensitive and viscous materials.

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