Engineered Products & Packaged Solutions

As a systems integrator and global specialist in pump and compressor packages, Blackmer® application and design engineers can recommend the most suitable pump or compressor technologies to create customized package solutions while providing process flow diagrams, piping diagrams and skid drawings.

An engineered product is equipment specifically designed for a particular application. These products can take a variety of forms but, most commonly fall into two categories:

  • Blackmer products that are modified to meet the requirements of an application for which standard product are not suitable. Modifications are made that will extend the life of the product and/or allow the product to operate beyond the standard product operational range.
  • Equipment configurations that are not part of the Blackmer standard product offering. Examples of this would include diesel engine drives or special base unit assemblies to meet the engineering specifications of the end user.

Blackmer engineered solutions are limited only by your imagination or need. From the baseplate or skid to the control panel, our Engineered Package Solutions are designed, engineered, and assembled to meet customers’ specific applications.

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