V15 Sliding Vane Pump

Ebsray® V Series Model V15 Sliding Vane Pumps have been designed and precision built for efficient transfer of a variety of liquids over a wide range of viscosities with lubricating or non-lubricating characteristics. Built for versatility, V15 sliding vane pumps feature a three-port design that provides numerous mounting options, including up to eight different porting and drive configurations. These pumps include 2-in ports, and incorporate a unique three-port design that allows greater versatility of mounting options, including the ability to set the pump up as either 90º or 180º configuration.

V15 pumps are manufactured under strict guidelines and procedures and are run tested prior to shipment in order to ensure performance in accordance with pump specifications. These high standards allow V15 sliding vane pumps to provide a long and trouble-free service life.